Which EAH student is most like you?


Have you ever thought about which Ever After High student are you most like? If you are a natural-born leader you may be like Apple, or if you have a free spirit you may be like Madeline. But if you are an independent thinker and you think everyone should choose their own destiny you are quite like Raven Queen and if you like parties every day you must be like Briar Beauty.

Take the quizz on the offical site to find out which one is like you. Click and enlarge the pics to print them out and hang the poster on your room!

Apple White

Charming, smart and driven by her destiny. Apple White is a natural-born leader. She believes it is fairy important to set a good example for her classmates and her community-especially thos who look up to her.

“You are most like Apple White” Poster

Raven Queen

Raven Queen believes in being true to herself and that everyone should be free to choose their own destiny. She’s an independent thinker who is ready to throw caution to the wind for the greater good.

“You are most like Raven Queen” Poster

Briar Beauty

Briar beauty Wants to live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of every day. She has lots of friendds and loves planning parties and spellebrations for them. She’s not really thinking about her destiny just yet, because she’s too busy living the moment.

“You are most like Briar Beauty” Poster

Madeline Hatter

A free spirit who marches to the beat of her own drum. Madeline Hatter is easy-going and can find wonder in everything. Her destiny sounds hat-tastic to her, but she’s als open to interpretations.

“You are most like Madeline Hatter” Poster

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  1. BriarLoverBeautiful

    My favorite character is Briar Beauty but I think I’m like Raven Queen. I also agree that she is NOT so evil after all.. She doesn’t want to be like her mother who is Snow White’s (Apple White’s mother) Worst Enemy. But I love them all!

  2. I think I most like Apple iPad cuz I think that she’s very sophisticated and like to make new friends okay that’s why I think I mostly like if you think I mostly like that person

  3. Im like briar so im going for her she loves to shop i love to shop and she just wants to live her lifes to the fullest and thats what i want to do with me life and i pain on it.

  4. I always get in any quiz Ashlyn Ella or Madeline hatter but Madeline hatter is probably my favorite

  5. Hi!!! I have a question. WHY wasn’t Kitty Cheshire a option? I’m EXCTLY like her. Literally, EXACTLY like her. No purple hair and I love dogs, but otherwise EXACTLY!! Please, if you make another, make a Kitty Cheshire.

  6. Well I love the four of them…
    Raven,Apple,Briar and Madeline…
    I love the 4 of them because u know my 3 friend like them also i mean all of them but they love more those characters and so do i..

  7. I’m a mix of Raven and Apple. Plus they’re besties so I feel like I’m their friendship. I find that everyone should have their own happily ever after but I’m charming and smart; so I’m a mix of both. Also if I had magic I would use it for good. If my mom was the evil queen I guess I would say she deserves it but I would wish Apple didn’t break the mirror so there was peace. If I let my besties mom who is the evil queen out of mirror prison I wouldn’t want to tell anyone; imagine what would have happened it would have been a completely different ever after.

  8. I took many Which Ever After High character are you quiz and it’s always says that I am Raven Queen. Oleh ITU, I am mostly like her

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