What’s Ever After High?


Ever After High is the name of the High School where the next generation of fairy tales study for their legacy. This new characters come from mattel creatives and designers and they are like a spin-off of Monster High. So this new characters will have the same look and feel as the already known monsters but changing the theme and style. Ever after high has also a cartoon series and dolls.

Some of this characters are royals, this ones are those with a more favorable destiny promised to them, like it could be princess or well known protagonists. The other side of characters are rebels who have a less favorable destiny and find problems to follow in their parents’ footsteps, and want to write their own destiny. However also are characters who’s side is not clear.

Take note: E.A.H. is the abbreviation of Ever After High.

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  1. The symbol. The thing that looks like a girl with a hat on the key. Where did the design come from? And why are the episodes only two minutes??

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