True Hearts Day Trailer


Here’s a sneak peak of the upcoming special chapter called True Hearts Day! This day is comming in the school and is the only thing on student’s minds. It’s a holiday that used to be celebrated in a fairy tale world but that Headmaster Grimm doesn’t want to throw…but the students are choosing their own stories and they want to have a True Hearts Dance.

Know more about what is going to happen in Ever After High at this important holiday watching this trailer:

[youtube id=”ECS32Hjm5RY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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  1. Dear ever after high I wish you would put ashlynn ella in more of your episode and also make more of her dolls its not fare that she does not have a thrown coming doll and an hat tastic because she is one of my favorite dolls.

    Please consider
    Love an ever after high fan

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