True Hearts Day – Part 3


What a lovely chapter!!

Today is the day that the students are going to celebrate the hexcellent school dance. They all are getting fairest for the big party. But there is one student, Duchess Swan, who has bad intentions and wants to destroy this big day…

She the chapter to know how it finally ends!

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  1. I love this one. But Ashlyn could be a royal or not. She and Apple could still be friends. That’s what in my true heart.

  2. Cupid is wrong! she says to follow your heart. well your heart can tell you to do bad things, SO CUPID IS WRONG!!!!!

  3. Cupid tells people to follow your heart but when Dexter follow’s his heart Cupid’s not going to like it. cause he likes Raven not Cupid.

  4. Wanna know what’s in my true heart Cupid?? it’s to tell you the history of true hearts day is terrible and is to stomp on the stupid berry thing or give it to Lizzie! and Dexter loves Raven NOT YOU so go away and go back to monster high!!!!!! were you belong.

  5. GeeWillikers1940

    well, I think that Cupid says to follow your heart because she wants everyone to be happy. And as long as Dex is happy with Raven, then maybe Cupid will be happy. That’s whats in my true heart at least 🙂
    also, smooth move with Cedar having the wrong directions XD

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