True Hearts Day – Part 2


The second part of the True Hearts Day episode is here!!

This chapter is about the relationship between Ashlyn and Hunter Huntsman who decide to tell the truth to everybody. Watch if their relationship is welcome for the rest of their friends and how do they give their opinions…

Watch video: True Hearts Day РPart 2

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  1. I heard this episode and I am looking forward to see True Hearts Day: Part 3.

    But, Duchess and Sparrow revealed Hunter and Ashlyn’s secret. But, Cedar’s right. It’s always important to always tell the truth.

  2. I LOVE EVER AFTER HIGH its AWSOME i have all the episodes on my tv oh yeah marathon i love ever after high i love the ture hearts day episode like will dexter say he loves raven queen to raven and i love raven queen but how they jude her that her mum is the evil queen dose’nt mean she has to be a evil queen

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