More than 30 minutes of spellbinding entertainment which you will enjoy with the Ever After Thronecoming Special!

Join Ever After girls in this wonderful adventure where you will discover that friendship is stronger than any magical curse.

Thronecoming is a school holiday where Ever After High presents the fairytale students at their best. It all starts with Thronecoming parade, the big game the bookball championship is played and at the end of the day the Thronecoming Queen and King will be crowned at the Thronecoming dance.

This chapter is full of surprises and will ensure lot of fun!

And remember.. This isn’t your mother’s fairytale…this is Ever After High!

Watch video: Thronecoming

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  1. briar beauty 750

    Where o where did the evil queen hid the story book of legends raven mom needs to give back the book so raven can sign or she could write her own destiny so what I guess I’m trying to say is raven has choses

  2. I still don’t know why Briar throw the book in the well? Other then not wanting to lose her friends.

  3. briar beauty 750

    Raven and Apple white found out that the principal was showing that image in the wishing well and he just go busted

  4. Hey I can’t wait till tomorrow because the new episode of ever after high is coming on the thronecoming queen is ….. can’t wait. can you guys?

  5. Ruqayyah selway

    i love this epesode i love maddy,but in this one i adore raven queen and maddy but can someone tell me if the thronecoming dolls are awesome i realy want one? if you tell me then that will be hexelent!

  6. Draculawrence

    I don’t fit the demographics of the typical EAH fan, but I really don’t care. EAH is one of my all time favorite series (and trust me, been watching TV since 1966, the web since 1985 so I’ve seen A LOT of programming). I love all the characters and what they bring to the story, the story lines, and the little details they throw in. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous (the dolls on the other hand . . ). Mattel did this right. I just hope they don’t destroy it the way they did MH. I loved that too, but they’ve all but abandoned what was once a novel and unique idea and just pump out boring dolls and boring storylines.

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