Thronecoming Trailer


What a surprise!! Thronecoming Trailer is here! What an exciting chapter!! We are looking forward to watch the full episode 😀

Thronecoming day is an especial event where Thronecoming King and Queen will be crowned. Which one of the Thronecoming candidates would it be? And what could happen if the Storybook of Legends goes missing?

Take a peek at the EAH Thronecoming special

Watch video: Thronecoming Trailer

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  1. My god. I cant believe they’re going to make Raven sign the storybook of legends. Its probobaly because the writers of this story are too lazy too come up with an idea of what too make raven do with her life

  2. I’m voting for Blondie she is Just Right for Throne-Coming queen!! and the trailer is amazing. Getting Fairest Blondie and Ashlynn oh so cute, and ALL of the dresses!!!!!

    • I wonder if this movie will beat divergent. I have been having a hard time choosing between Lizzie and Ashlynn. if Ashlynn is a really big deal I think it will be her. Overall this movie looks awesome! And I’m voting for Blondie too!
      P.S. Getting fairest Ashlynn is pretty much the problem, I mean they don’t even show Lizzie getting fairest!

  3. duh it apple i mean she suppose to be queen i mean like duh she apple white and raven need to sigh the book of legend thank u i mean like she will be poof bye bye never seen again and leave the write alone

  4. I like Sundays. Wanna know why? One, cause the Throne-coming special is next Sunday,
    Two, cause my fave TV show is on. try to guess what it is.

  5. raven should stay be her self!!!! cerise also. no one should make them. Be your self and be happy about it!!!!

  6. Montserrat, you can’t vote for TC king cause Daring is the only running for TC king. it was in the TC dolls bookmarks!

  7. I vote for Apple! She deserves it. Her story is going to be the first to go *POOF*! She should win because she is the main character of her story and all the others ruined it for her…

  8. HappyEnding apple’s story is not going to poof.Apple and Raven are both in the same story so they’re both the main characters.

  9. You dumbos its raven and dexter are you guys smart watch the whole movei shish you should watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I mean you should watch and you will see i vote for raven raven raven but apple shes just braging about bieng piosond by rave and why is everybody so mean to raven in shes the daghter os the ivil qeen but you guys vote who it is and you care about frienship is about love,caring,and haring its not about hateing,fighting, and. Rudness i hope you guys love the one you love and whoever you guys are i still belive you guys tell your friends about what friendship is about cause i know please respone

  11. Awesome I absolutely loved it and the movie well, of course I did this is my fairy best show I mean,it’s hexcellent!!!!

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