Thronecoming Special release date


As you may know some interesting things are going to happen during the Thronecoming special!!

Set your records before November 2 at 12 PM as it will be on air on Nickelodeon!

Are you ready??

Thronecoming Candidates

This girls are going to be gorgeous at the big big Thronecoming!

Thronecomin webisode pictures

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  1. In the trailer when Cedar told Raven the book was fake it didn’t look like Duchess cared. Maybe cause she turns into a swan in her story.

  2. izzysoccerplayer, I think they said to find the book they went in each other storys and Apple is in Briar’s I think but I might be wrong.

  3. In the episode they went in each others story let me tell you them, Apple/Sleeping Beauty, Briar/Evil Queen, Raven/SnowWhite, Maddie/Eros, Cupid/Cinderella, Ashlynn/Pinoccho, Cedar/Goldilocks, Blondie/Mad Hatter.

  4. My favourite event is Thronecoming and my favourite dresses are Apple’s, Raven’s, Briar’s, Madeline’s and Lizzie’s

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