The World of Ever After High


In this chapter all characters of the next generation of fairytales are introduced. You are going to see them, know somthing about them and how they look like.

They live in a land beyond imagination in a High School called After Ever High. Students are destined to follow in the footsteps of thier parents but not all of them don’t want to choose a villainous tale, like happens with Raven Queen.

She may wants to choose heer own Happily Ever After….but how does it could affect to other students destinies?

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  1. I love this episode. Ever After High videos always end with “The End….is just the beginning.” But, I just don’t get it. Raven wants to choose her own happily ever after. But, the question is, why? Raven’s evil, I like her, just the way she is.

  2. Grace, Raven doesn`t want to be evil because shes afraid she might turn into her mom and be evil But now Apple doesn`t marry Daring charming! Also i don`t understand you know how Snow white married Prince charming ok

    Daring charming Apple white
    Dad:Prince charming +mom:Snow white
    = Daring and Apple are..Brother and sister?

  3. Loveroflizzie

    I love apple:) but I think raven and apple should be sisters I mean there so close

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