The Unfairest of Them All Chapters


If you want to know what does The Unfairest of  Them All is about, you can now read the first chapter including more than 20 pages. Enjoy a great time reading this book:

A Spoonful of Porridge: “Morning once-uponed all over ever After. Bluebirds sang, roosters crowed, and pixies buzzed in the Enchanted Forest. Against the walls of the great Ever After High, sunrise glared red. All was still but for the Track and Shield students out for a morning run—pursued by a horde of screaming imps, Coach Gingerbreadman’s latest tactic to get his team in shape. In her dorm room, Apple White …”

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  1. I love ever high and please make more books
    Ever after high is amazing. and……
    when you make new stories of this cartoons series.

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