The Tale of Legacy Day


The big day has come! Today is the Legacy Day in Ever After High! The day that all the students have to sign their pledge of following the path of their fairytale parents.

Watch this exciting, amazing favulous chapter where you will discover what happens to the ones that decide to create their own Happily Ever After!!

Watch Video: The Tale of Legacy Day

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  1. What was that,at the end? If it has to do with Monster High,I know nothing because I hate MH. It is so creepy! Why do girls like it?

  2. Well, I wanted to be a rebel or royal too. But, I flip the script and choose both sides. That’s my favorite style. On my Ipad, I watched an Ever After High episode called “Poppy the roybel”. That means both royal and rebel. And Poppy is Holly O’ Hair’s twin sister and daughter of Rapunzel. Poppy started her first day at Ever After High. Poppy didn’t have a legacy yet, but since Legacy Day, Holly O’ Hair has the Rapunzel legacy, because Holly is older with her pretty, long hair.

  3. I’m a Roybel too I think it doesn’t matter if your a Royal or a Rebel everyone should be friends no matter what that’s what’s in my true heart. Alyssa at the end was Raven’s mom laughing (the Evil Queen) and I argee with you I don’t like monster high it is creepy!!

  4. I understand why Raven Queen didn’t sign the book but I really feel bad for Apple everyone is Rebeling from her story, Hunter, Raven, and now Daring with Lizzie well I have one thing to say to Daring OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!

  5. Wait. I think I know why Raven refuse to sign the story book of legends and didn’t go “poof”. I watched Thronecoming on my Ipad and found out why Raven didn’t go ”poof”. Cedar wore her glasses, a device that could scan and help tell the truth, and founded out that the story book of legends from Legacy Day isn’t real. The Story Book Of Legends……… is a fake. But they decide to look for the real book so Rave could sign. That the book was a fake, Giles Grimm doesn’t know where the real Story Book Of Legends is, but he does know who. The Evil Queen! Raven’s mother The Evil Queen stole the real story book of legends, to a fake story book of legends. Many years ago, Raven’s mother stole the real story book of legends, so Milton and Giles defeated her and locked her in her mirror prison.Giles speak Riddlish like Maddie, because Milton cast a battle spell on his brother and locked him in The Vault Of Lost Tales. During their past, they went into the oger’s cave, and Giles decided to write their own destiny, but Milton never liked that idea.

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