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If you want to know what does The Storybook of Legends is about you can read up to chapter 4 for free. You will get in the story of the spellbinding students of the Ever After High, the next generation of fairy tales.

Live amazing adventures with them and have lot of fun:

“Today you take the first step in claiming your glorious fairytale legacies. Once you sign the Storybook of Legends, you are magically bound to  your parent’s story. You will relive it. In this way,  your story, your legacy—and your very life—will be preserved.”

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Read the stories from other students of Ever After High that are available by the time:

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  1. I love the movie it is fun and I see people talking about it and I have a question :Where can we buy the book.

  2. i love this book and movie you guys are this the best people that write books make a story about snow white’s daughter please.i have a question: where are the other books i would like to buy the rest i only have the 1 one but i would love to have the others.

    • do you know raven queen is aunt of apple white . if you know real story of snow white you can understand because 1st princess of the kingdome of evil queen is snow white then after snow white’s mother died then the king married evil queen .with her magical powers the king forgot snow white .so snow white is first princess of the kingdome of evil queen .so raven queen is sister of snow white .so raven queen is aunt of apple white.what do you think friends? bye!bye!

  3. At first i forgot i had the story book of legends.I have had it for 3 years and it looks brand new.

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