The Story Book of Legends


We want to encourage those who still haven’t read The Storybook of Legends to get it and start reading this beautiful story. You can find this book available on amazon, on other online stores or at your local bookstore too. If you want to to know how this book tastes take a look here and read the first pages: Story book of legends sneak peek.

This book tells the story of Ever After High, an enchanting boarding school where the children of the fairytale legends prepare tehmselves to fulfill their destinies as the next generation of fairytales. You will know the next generation of Snow White, Little Red Ridding Hood, and lots of other famous fairytales. Wheather they want to or not, each year, the students sing in the Storybook of Legends, on the Legacy Day, to seal their scripted destiny. But what if…not all the students want to follow her pledge?

So get ready to live an spellbinding story with all the Rebel and Royal characters with their adventures following her destiny!!

These are the chapters you will find at The StoryBook of Legends:

  • Chapter 1: Never Touch the Mirror
  • Chapter 2: Simply, Unquestionably Perfect
  • Chapter 3: Always Doing Is How It’s UnDone
  • Chapter 4: Maddie’s Chat with the vocie Narrator
  • Chapter 5: That Dangerous Wolrd
  • Chapter 6: Never After Again!
  • Chapter 7: The Looming Threat Goodness of Legacy Day
  • Chapter 8: Beware the Glare of That Fair Hair
  • Chapter 9: A Hot Mess of Wolves, Screams, and Pastries A Basketball Game
  • Chapter 10: The Unsigned Page
  • Chapter 11: A Hero Villain in Ever Story
  • Chapter 12: Maddie Bothers Chats with the Narrator Again
  • Chapter 13: Darkness Scampering
  • Chapter 14: Her Very Name Could Cause an Earthquake
  • Chapter 15: Almost Through the Wall of Briars
  • Chapter 16: A Massive Snooze Fest Slumber Party
  • Chapter 17: Cute Biting and cuddly Slithering Things
  • Chapter 18: Plump Red Apple White
  • Chapter 19: Maddie Pesters Chats with the Narrator Yet Again
  • Chapter 20: Red Paint Warning on the Wall
  • Chapter 21: A Noticing Game
  • Chapter 22: The Undiscovered Vault of Lost Tales
  • Chapter 23: The Horrible beautiful Power of Evil
  • Chapter 24: Born to Wear It
  • Chapter 25: Going Off Script
  • Chapter 26: Treading Water in a Well
  • Chapter 27: Not Your Momma’s Fairytale
  • Chapter 28: Maddie Annoys Chats with the Narrator One Last Time
  • Chapter 29: Rewrite, Ignite, Restart!

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  1. I got the story book of legends too. It’s really a good book. But it’s like a story when the royal and rebel drama begins.

  2. I love this book!!! I haven’t finished it though. Raven and Dexter should totally be together. Dex is so cute!! <3

  3. plese tell me where to read your books online because my mom won’t let me buy it!!! Pretty Please!!!

  4. I don’t have the book yet. Is it like the real story book of legends from the show ever after high or is it completely different?

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