The Day Ever After


What do you think it could happen between Royals and Rebels the day after Raven has decided she won’t follow her pledge to find her happily ever after?

As you could imagine this wasn’t expected by the Royals and Raven’s decision has twisted this group of students.

See this chapter to discover what happens and what relationship would keep Royals and Rebels after the Legacy Day.

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  1. Royals it’s not the rebels and Rebels it’s not the royals. It’s actually, let’s just say it’s Kitty who threw those fries. But, Raven and Apple did say there’s no need to fight. I’ve already heard what happened in the episode The Day Of Legacy Day when the royal and rebel drama just started from the beginning when the first day of school started.

  2. You know, in the episode of The Tale Of Legacy Day, Raven didn’t know the forces she unleashed. The headmaster told Apple to keep an eye on her roommate, Raven. He said that you need to follow the paths away from the forces because it’s the only way to keep your world, safe.

  3. I really do not think Raven did anything wrong. She is a nice person and only wanted to help the rights of fellow rebels.

  4. GeeWillikers1940

    The rebels are just as good as the royals. i can understand that the rebels dont want to have to suffer through their fairytales. No one wants an unhappy ending, like Raven or Duchess or even Cedar(despite her having a happy ending the story in between is quite tragic)

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