The Cat Who Cried Wolf


Cerise Hood has a secret hidden from the rest of the school, she has always successfully kept this secret about her family. But now she is in trouble because today Kitty Ceshire has seen her doing some unusual activity in the woods and kitty wants to reveal her secret in front of other school students.

Look at this episode to see if Kitty finaly reveal her secret.

Watch Video: The Cat Who Cried Wolf

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  1. Cerise’s family is hiding a secret. But the question is, why? But, phew, glad Raven handled that. But don’t worry Kitty, the speed spell Raven cast on will wear off. Whisper(eventually). Hee, hee,he,he,he,he.

    • Thing is if Cerise didn’t keep her secret she would become an outcast to the Hood clan and the wolf clan. Read the unfairest of them all. Great book

  2. Love the video. Cerise can run faster than a wolf. Nice secret with red riding hood falling in love with the big bad wolf and them marrying and having Cerise. Cerise is more big bad wolf than red riding hood though.

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