The Beautiful Truth


Cedar Wood can’t go to the The Glass Slipper Shoe to take advantage of the sales because she has another thing to do: she enters to the Royal beauty pageant.

While they are making preparations and testing for the event, Cedar Wood realizes that it wasn’t what she expected, she thought that this pageant was about what it means to be a beautiful girl, not about high heel shoes, not silly smiles, but real stuff, like being smart and grateful and beauty inside of us.

This fact inspires Apple White to spellbrate the true meaning of beauty.

Watch video: The Beautiful Truth

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  1. I think Cedar’s right. Being a beautiful girl doesn’t mean being in high heel shoes and silly faces. Being a beautiful girl is like real stuff, you know like, being smart, grateful, and the beauty inside of us.

  2. I hope they make dolls for the Royal beauty pageant, there dress are so pretty, I liked Cedar’s the best, who’s dress did y’all like the most?

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