Raven Queen’s Destiny Vanity Playset


The first play set of Raven Queen in this fantastic Rebel vainty of the Getting Fairest Collection, the first Ever After High self care doll line.

Here you can see Raven sitting on her vanity’s chair with the old-style microphone on the hand assaying some new song. Her vanity displays all she needs to pamper herself and look very beautiful. Perfume bottles, mirrors, cosmetics…

On each side of the vanity she has boards to pin whatever she likes as the photo of her BFF!!

Details of raven queen destiny vanity playset

Raven Queen Destiny Vanity with chair


This playset also includes little accessories for the doll:raven-destiny-vanity-accessories

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  1. I hope my mom will buy this for me I really like it because raven is my favorite charecter in ever after high.Also I have a monster high set almost like it.

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