Raven Queen Thronecoming Doll


Here you can see the new Raven Queen doll for the Thronecoming line.

She’s got an stunning hairdo with purple and black shimmery hair, with a bum at the top of her head and a side ponytail with an hair jewelry, a thing which is fairly new in this dolls, since they don’t usually wear hair jewels.

Her asymmetrical dress is purple and black with nice frill across the side and the bottom, with lots of sparkles on it. However the best of all is her collar which looks like dragon wings, and is the first time ever after, that she has designed her own fashion accessory piece with a little help from Ashlynn and Lizzie.


Her mask is supposed to represent the dragon, and she decided the dragon because she says that dragon is full of fire, but people run away from it before they even get to know it. Just like her.

As you can see this mask only covers a part of the face so that one eye is uncovered which is really cool.

Her shoes are purple and silver with a little high heels.

She has darker make up to match her entire outfit and she’s got like little sparkling diamonds on her cheeks.


As you can see in this picture her black and silver purse is really detailed with a nice patent leather pattern. It can’t be opened.

Do you see this flower on her big bracelete piece? She explaings why she’s wearing it on her bookmark:

Not letting my magic get out of control was a big concern. Then jut the other day Dexter gave me this most hexcellent gift ever after – a counter-curse dhalia flower corsage he made in science & sorcery class. He told me, “Wear this for the Thronecomming Dance, and you won’t have to worry about casting dark magic. Any spells will be absorbed by the flower.” I can always count on Dexter to com to the rescue! He’s such an amazing friend forever after!


Here you can sse the beautiful book shaped packaging this doll comes with.


She comes with the hairbrush in the shape of a key, sand and bookmark.

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