Raven Queen doll – First wave


This doll is Raven Queen and is from the first wave of Ever After High character dolls. As she is supposed to be bad she wears dark but beautiful colors, mainly purple, garnet and black. She is gorgeus with her dress and accessories, and all details are fabulous.

She wears layered dress with a black bodice with a silver corset tied with a single chain. On the neck wears a fathery silver collar that really look like Evil Queen one. If you are on the Rebel side, sure you will really love this doll! Her shoes are black wedges that also sport a feathery motif, and in her hair she wears a silver spiky tiara. She also has a silver clutch purse.

Raven Queen has pale skin, violet eyes with purple eyeshadow and matching purple lipstick.

image of a raven queen doll
Raven Queen doll – First wave

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  1. Isabella Summitt

    Raven is my favorite character of all. I’m literally obsessed with her. She is the Princess Leia of Ever After High hand she should forever be a Rebel!

  2. Do they have all the Disney Princesses and Princes? I mean I did not see Mulan, Pocahontas, Tiana, Tinker, Aladin, etc etc. Guys, you should really expand your cast, it will help improve the ratings, views and the quality of the cartoon. It will officially be the real life stories version of all the Disney characters. Plus, it will cater and entertain to a much larger audience.

    No harsh feelings here, just expressing my thoughts. But overall, you guys have done AN AMAZING JOB; creating Barbie Life inn the Dream house, Monster high etc and now this! Well done!

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