Raven Queen coloring pages


Today you can color Raven Queen the main Rebel of Ever After High. We have make it for you to color as you want. Even you can draw patterns on her clothes.

Here you find her with her usual outfit. Remember that her favourite color is purple and darker ones. Her accessories are usually in silver. But be creative and choose the colors that your want! Just print and enjoy it!

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Print Ever After High Raven Queen coloring page

  • Right click on the image, and select “Save image as…·
  • Choose which folder you want to save it in
  • Right click on the saved file, and choose “Print…”
  • Use your best colors to alive Raven Queen!
Raven Queen card image outlined
Ever After High Raven Queen Coloring page

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  1. OMG!!Raven Queen is so awesome!!I love her outfit on legacy day,and everyday outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!Raven go for your destiny!!!!

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