Poppy the Roybel


In this chapter there are two new characters presented! They were first released in a doll and now we can see them in action.

We are talking about Poppy O’Hair and Holly O’hair twin sisters daughters of Rapunzel.

There is a lot of expectation of this new girls because they are fresh style inside Ever After High. We are also excited about them and looking forward to know more about their stories.

In this webisode you can see the arrival of Poppy O’hair, which will be called the Roybel…Do you know why? Let’s see it!

Whatch video: Poppy the Roybel

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  1. I love Poppy’s style. I shall ask the royals what they like best on the royal side and the rebels on the rebel side. But being a rebel or royal sounds definetlly exciting. But Poppy decided to flip the script and choose both sides, so I’m not going to decide on a side. But since I looked up Ever After High on my mom’s computer like 2 years ago, I decide to choose both sides. And that’s my favorite style.

  2. I think being a Rebel or a Royal doesn’t matter I think they should all be friends like at the end of The Unfairest of them all!!!!

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