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She is Poppy O’Hair, daughter of Rapunzel and twin sister of Holly O’Hair.

She has been called Roybel because her destiny is unknown since it is holly who will be the next Rapunzel, as it was thought that she was born first. Although she likes both sides she feels more comfortable with the Rebels. However they are in different sides, these twin sisters love so much each other.

Poppy has a job at the Tower Salon in the Village of Book End. She loves taking care of hair and she enjoy taking “short cuts” and she is admired for all the people in town where she has a reputation as the best stylist.

As seen in O’Hair Split Ends, it is revealed that Poppy should be the next Rapunzel because she is truly the older twin, but since no one knows, the twins prefer to continue with their choices.

About her romance, Sparrow Hood has caught Poppy’s eye, but she thinks he is quite arrogant.

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Poppy O’Hair Bio

Secret heart’s desire: She wants to find out her Once Upon a Time at Ever After High. That being said, she’ll never stop styling hair.

Her “Magic” touch: She thinks that being a daughter of Rapunzel, her hair is extremely valuable. In fact, she trims it every morning and put it into her savings account!

Storybook Romance Status: Belive it or not, she thinks that Sparrow Hood is cute and that he’d be a lot cuter if he’d stop singing bout how great he thinks he is.

“Oh courses!” Moment: Her sister says she is always looking for short cuts. And she says that she just doesn’t see the point of going the long way around the tower.

Favourite Subject: Princess Design. From ahir and makeup to fashion and style, she loves making spellbinding princesses look edy and modern.

Least Favourite Subject: Princessology. Just because she’s the daughter of fairytale royalty doesn’t mean she wnts to be all prim and proper.

Best Friends Forever After: Holly O’Hair and Ashlynn Ella

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  1. Holly and Poppy are my new favorite’s they are so cool, I love that they made them sister’s it’s so Fableous!! good job Mattel, and I love Ever After High, thanks Mattel for making this really great dolls webisode’s etc, I hope it last long like Barbie!!

  2. Mattel can you make the daughter of the Snow Queen? and make the daughter of Gerida her sister please?

  3. I like her and her sis but I don’t understand why she doesn’t let her hair grow long like her sister’s.

  4. raven huntsmen 1383

    I think that Poppy should make her own destiny if it that’s what she want’s its her life. I live Poppy’s style and her hair.

  5. Holly and Poppy are so cute as sisters! Me, Apple, and the twins thinks so of course! Please Mattel, make Belle have twins! boy and girl. Bella and Blake Beast

  6. Some things like Monster High are going down hill, but long live the ever afters, in triumph!

  7. Ever After High!!!☺

    I love ever after high but when I tried to watch the show there were only 3 episodes.will there be more?

  8. briar beauty 750

    Love poppy o hair and holly o hair and hair beauty I don’t know who is my favorite character

  9. poppy is older than holly. the lady messed up their birth certificates. what is rapunzals last name????????

  10. I think that ever after high is cool and grown up.???❤️???????☺️?.I especially love Holly and Poppy o hair.They are the coolest sisters ever.❤️

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