Poppy O’ Hair dress up game


This is the first game of Poppy O’Hair!!

As she is one of the last characters that has been shown in the webisodes, she deserves a new game.

In this game you will find lots of different possibilities to dress Poppy up. You can try with different styles and clothes, and accessories and make up as well.

This game in particularly has a new feature which is you can choose which mouth you want to put on Poppy’s face, so you can change her expressions. This is a good new option and we encourage to game designers to keep developing. It also would be great to have more number of accessories to play around the styling, which we can put over the clothes, like flowers, scarves, shaped buttons…

Enjoy this game!

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  1. I like this game wait I don’t just like this game I love I so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so MUCH!

    • HollyDoesHair

      They decided to keep it a secret. Nan called Poppy and she was horrified. ? Well, pleeeeaaaseee don’t tell anyone, Kirsten! I ?? this game but could not play it! There should be a game for me, not to brag!
      Holly ~<3

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