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Ashlynn Ella legacy day doll 6

Ashlynn Ella Legacy Day Doll

This doll of Ashlynn Ella features the Legacy Day outfit but there are several differences between the one shown at the webisodes and the doll

September 02, 2014 Ever After High Dolls
Lizzie Hearts Basic Doll 3

Lizzie Hearts Doll – First Wave

Here we have the basic line doll for Lizzie Hearts! Her hair has a big curl on top, in the middle of her crown. It

September 01, 2014 Ever After High Dolls
Ever After High Hat-Tastic Party Playset 1

Madeline Hatter Hat-Tastic Party Playset

This playset comes with Madeline Hatter doll and it is very complete: It brings the furniture and all the accessories to throw the tea-rrific Hat-Tastic

August 29, 2014 Ever After High Dolls
Hat Tastic Party Cedar wood doll outfit 6

Cedar Wood Hat-Tastic Party Doll

What is unique from Cedar Wood is her wooden texture brown skin all over her body. Then we have the lovely hair combination with a

August 28, 2014 Ever After High Dolls
Lizzie Shuffles the deck video 2

Lizzie Shuffles The Deck

Here is a new chapter starring Lizzie Hearts. Do you think Lizzie is an evil person? Although she is a Royal, sometimes she seems to

August 27, 2014 Ever After High Videos
Cerise Hood Hat-tastic Party Doll 3

Cerise Hood Hat-Tastic Party Doll

Here is Cerise Hood for the Hat-Tastic doll line. Ready for the wonderlandiful party hosted by Maddie! She comes in an aqua box like the

August 25, 2014 Ever After High Dolls
Apple's Princess Practice 3

Apple’s Princess Practice

This is an episode exclusively dedicated to Apple White. How do you imagine an Apple typical day? Go with apple in this video and she

August 22, 2014 Ever After High Videos
Apple White famous park dress up 4

Apple White famous park dress up

Here is another game of Aple White who is visiting a well known village as the queen to be for a new famous event. She

August 20, 2014 Ever After High Games
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