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ginger-in-the-breadhouse 4

Ginger in the BreadHOUSE

Here we bring you the Ever After High new webisode of the week. You will see Ginger Breadhouse for the first time appearing in the

January 10, 2015 Ever After High Videos
Briar Beauty Thronecoming doll and Playset 5

Briar Beauty Thronecoming doll and Playset

Briar Beauty Thronecoming doll is sold with the Tronecomig Playset. Her hair is mainly brown with pink and purple streaks, it’s nice and wavy with a

January 02, 2015 Ever After High Dolls
best-feather-forward 5

Best Feather Forward

What you will find in this video is a nice story inspired by an old expression: Pay it forward. This chapter will give you the

December 30, 2014 Ever After High Videos
apple-white-thronecoming-doll-description 3

Apple White Thronecoming Doll

If you want to know Apple White dress story, read the following lines which are an extract of the bookmark she brings in her box:

December 23, 2014 Ever After High Dolls
raven-queen-thronecoming-doll 3

Raven Queen Thronecoming Doll

Here you can see the new Raven Queen doll for the Thronecoming line. She’s got an stunning hairdo with purple and black shimmery hair, with

December 15, 2014 Ever After High Dolls
and-the-thronecoming-queen-is 22

And the Thronecoming Queen is…

You can’t miss out this new Ever After High chapter if you want to discover who is finally the Thronecoming Queen!! This is the second part

December 10, 2014 Ever After High Videos
blondie-lockes-thronecoming-doll 1

Blondie Lockes Thronecoming Doll

“Wanna know why I love my story? It’s not the yummy porridge or royally comfortable beds. I mean, it’s those things, too, but what makes

December 01, 2014 Ever After High Dolls
ca-cupid-thronecoming-doll 4

C.A. Cupid Thronecoming Doll

When C.A. Cupid found out that she was on the thronecoming court she knew exactly what she wanted to wear: an entire outfit inspired by

November 26, 2014 Ever After High Dolls
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