O’Hair Split Ends


Here is a new webisode starring Rapunzel daughters!

This video shares a secret about who is the real next Rapunzel that the twins’ grandma will reveal. This fact will change the reality of their destinies…or maybe not…

Anyway, in this chapter you will see Poppy and Holly O’Hair in different situations and places, so, you will know a little more about their lives.

Don’t you think that is fabulous to have a twin sister?

Watch video: O’Hair Split Ends

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  1. Isabelle Brewert

    This video is so great you other people should watch it is the best video I could ever watch you have to watch it as soon as possible it is soooo gooood ………..!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nani nana mixed their birth certifacites ? That means Poppy suppose to be the next Rapunzel, not Holly. But Poppy said she doesn’t want to become the next Rapunzel, and she’s trying to find her own destiny. And Holly is the younger twin. But being the next Rapunzel means everything to Holly. And Poppy is the older twin. But Holly liked being the next Rapunzel and Poppy liked being something else. But let’s keep as their secret, so they could have both of the destinies they want.

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