MirrorNet Down


The MirrorNet is down!!!! This is not a very big problem unless you have an online exam today! As Ever After High students have one they panic when someone seems to be taking the bandwith.

In this chapter the spellbinding students are trying to find who is behind this the crash.

In addition, in this video you will see Melody, a new Ever After High character, a for the second time.

Melody Ever After High Character

Watch video: MirrorNet Down

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  1. I can’t believe it! I can’t believe Professor Rumplestitskin shut down the MirrorNet at Ever After High! But, I finally understand. He shut down the MirrorNet so they can never tell anyone they know anything or what they found online, so his pupils could spin his straw into gold. He should never do that! Never, Ever, After do that. Oh, a pupil is a student who could learn new things, explore the world around you, and being smart. Like the pupils in the episodes in Ever After High.

  2. I absoulutly, positively, definetly can’t believe Professer Rumpilstiltskin shut down the MirorrNet. But I finally get it now. He shut down the MirrorNet, so they can’t tell anyone they know anything or what they found online, so he could make them fail the online test, give them detention, and spin his straw into gold. But that’s never going to happen again, now that they new his secret.

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