Madeline Hatter Legacy Day Doll


Starting with her hair style this an up do with lovely bouncy curls, with purple strips and bubblegum green. She is also wearing a black hat band with her signature top hat, in gold color with beautiful designs with a blue band.

Focusing at her face you can see that she has light make up on in purple tones and pinky lips.

Maddeline Hatter Legacy Day doll Face

On both sides of her ears, she has adorable teapot shape gold earrings. Moving down she has a detailednecklace, starting with a gold pendant and then it extends all the way down to purple ruffles.

Maddeline Hatter Legacy Day outfit doll

The top part of her vest is colored blue and gold stripes, really eye-catching, and it attaches all the way down to her shiny purple sleeves. You can also choose to remove her vest and you can see a cream color tube top with some gold details made of stretchy material.

The lower part of the vest is actually attached to skirts layers of fabric. The top one is golden net, the shinny purple is the second one which is the same fabric of the sleeves, and then there is a purple layer with a beautiful gold pattern on it. The very bottom layer is black crinoline with gold sparkles on it. Maddie’s pants only go all the way down to her knees blue with really shiny purple sequins on it.

Her hands come with a white cuff with a purpple ribbon. She is also wearing black gloves.

She also has an adorable two finger blue ring with a shape of a tea cup.

And her shoes! They are so unique! Gold with beautiful curly designs with Mary jane style going on and the heels are the best part of it, they are made teacups stuck on top of each other, two of them colored to match the rest of the outfit.

Maddeline Hatter Legacy Day Doll shoes

She also comes with a beautiful purse which is in a shape of a tea bag

Madeline Hatter Legacy day purse
Maddeline Hatter Legacy Day doll box

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  1. apple, I don’t know well Blondie didn’t really Rebel, and she is just a mayors daughter but she tells everyone that her mom is a queen.

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