Madeline Hatter Hat-Tastic Party Playset


This playset comes with Madeline Hatter doll and it is very complete: It brings the furniture and all the accessories to throw the tea-rrific Hat-Tastic Party! And lots of other surprises like a teacup ring for you, or a cute bench that can be used to store your jewelry…let’s see it!

Madeline Hatter Playset

Maddelin Hatter Hat-Tastic Party Doll

Firts we begin with Maddie. She has a little black hat on the top of her hat attached with a gold headband, it has got some purple flowers on there. Her hair is tight to one side and curly double colored with light purple and aqua. She also has cute bows on her twrists with black gloves on her hands. Her earrings are super cute, they are little golden tea bags and her necklace is gold too.

For her make up it is pretty basic, all she has got is some purple eyeshadow with pinky lips.

Looking at her otufit we see that she has blue puffy sleeves and a purple polka dot on the top of her bodice ended by white and turquoise strips. Her skirt has a teacup design with a beautiful embossed design trim. Underneed the skirt she has a purple fabric to keep the dress puffy. She wears beautiful fishnets on her legs to match her dress.

Her stunning shoes match with her necklace, they have a grunge design, and they look like a table.

Madeline Hatter Hat-Tastic Party doll
Madeline Hatter Playset shoes

Hat-Tastic Party Playset

The table is the biggest piece, it is a purple table with nice and curly detailing with a beautiful bold trim. It brings lots of accessories on it, with little pegs, in some of them, which you can stick on the table. There is a center piece with gold an silver plates. You also can stick some books and teacups on the table.

The tinny acessories which you can move arround and put wherever you want are: 2 cupcakes, macaroon plate, a piece of chocolate cake with strawberry on it, teacups, teapots, milkjar and a pot.

Madeline Hatter Playset accessories

There is also a wonderlandiful golden tree table that you can also use to display your jewelry, hanging it on the tree branches. It has an awsome pendant lamp hanging on the top of the tree. This second table has a beautiful print of a clock.

A chic blackbench is also included, and its design is very original because it is set on some book pile. But it is not just a bench where you can sit your dolls, because it opens up and it is also a chest where you can save all the accessories of the playset or even your own jewelry!! Is not that cool?!

There is also included a beautiful real size ring with the sape of a teacup!!! So you can wear the Ever After High Style too!!

The last piece of this playset is a cute teal and gold chair with a really nice detailing.

Madeline Hatter black bench playset
Hat-Tastic Party Playset Box

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