Madeline Hatter Doll – First wave


This doll is Madeline Hatters and is from the first wave of Ever After High character dolls. She is the daughter of the Mad Hatter, the character from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Madeline wears a dress with silver bodice and purple sleeves and a three layered skirt. The first layer of this skirt is bright pink with gold details, the second layer is blue and white striped, and the last is from black tulle.

Under the skirt she wears a beautiful white tights with blue polka dots. She also wears a nice purple teacup hat on top of her. And a really cute detail are her gloves matching her tights.

Madeline Hatter Doll - First wave

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  1. me and my sister have her and we also have blondie locks and raven queen and apple white and the other second wave raven oueen

  2. This doll is so Wonderlandfully Hat-tastic and I really like her and want her. I also want the Legacy Day Ashlynn Ella.

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