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Madeline Hatter is one of the main characters of Ever After High. She is the daughter of the Mad Hatter, a crazy character from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, thing that is also reflected on her personality. Madeline likes her destiny and is looking forward for it. She works at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Shoppe as she is mad about tea! You will find her shop in the Village of Book End.

She is bright, very friendly and energetic. She has her tea hidden under the tea cup hat in order to be ready for the tea time wherever she goes. She is capable to hear the narrators voices claiming the future, so people sometimes does not take her seriously.

Madeline Hatter back card
Madeline Hatter double sided card

Madeline Hatter’s Mirror

Side: Rebel

Madeline’s Roommate: Kitty Cheshire

Parent’s Story: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Her Secret Heart’s Desire: She wants to explore this mad world, and also own the most famous Hat & Tea Shoppe in the land!

Her “Magic” Touch: She can pull anything out of her Hat of Many Things. Tea sets, school books, white rabbits….tehy’re all in there somewhere.

Her Storybook Romance Status: She is waiting to have a tea with a boy who loves madness as much as she.

Her “Oh Courses!” Moment: She says everyone thinks she is mad. So nobody believes her when she tells to people that she can see the future.

Her Favourite Subject: Che-myth-stry. She loves making potions that make her grow or shrink!

Least Favourite Subject: Debate. She says that if more people spoke in riddles, maybe she would do better in this class.

Her Best Friends Forever After: Raven queen and Cedar Wood. Although the truth is that she likes everybody!

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  1. Alice should have a son and he comes to the school and maddy and him should fall in love his name should be alex

  2. ooh Gemini! Im Capricorn but I love her! I like how they added polka dots and the teacups are cute!

  3. I think her and I have a lot in common. We’re both mad, we both love tea, and both our birthdays are on June 8th lol.

  4. I love Raven she’s cool but her mom is just mean jealous and stuff but she still loves her daughter but Raven is awesome I have the book it’s good hope everyone who likes ever after high gets the book

  5. I love ever after high and I got the book and read it all on about three days so I’m not going to spoil what happened on legacy day also I love lov love caddie I’m going to be her for Halloween next year… if they have the costume!

  6. I love madeline hatter she is sooo funny I love alice in wounlder land she should be in the movie