Lizzie Hearts first date


We are fairy excited about the upcoming Ever After High webisodes! We can’t wait to see the next one where something unexected happens.

“Lizzie Hearts” is going to have her first date with…Daring Charming!?!? Can you believe it?

Lizzie Hearts and Daring Charming first pic together
Lizzie Hearts first date

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  1. I saw that episode but I couldn’t turn it up cause it was in another language. It’s true!

    • I totally think that Daring Charming and Apple White are a much better couple Then Daring and Lizzie!!!

        • it is so cool that they are dating i knew daring charming and apple white where not the best couple it is so not cute but daring and lizzie is amazing and also cute i think when they grow up they will get married and live happily ever after apple well i never liked her any way she is so self cornered being mad at raven for not signing the book well poor her she can live without daring and i can not belive people like her that self cornered monster i cant belive she is the daughter of snow white she is the worst and i cant belive she is up in raven grill for that one day and she will do any thing to make her sign the book well aple you are unbarble so selffish countinue think you are important well to me you are just so rude so self caring. i give you a thumbs down apple.

          • Apple is not selfish she is just upset becuase Raven won’t follow her destiny then she won’t be queen everyone is looking up to her to be greatest queen and Raven is not helping she needs Raven , and you know what Raven is being selfish because sh does not understand that Aple is trying to help people not her self

          • apple was only mad cause she thought there story would disppear so she was trying to help and make sure she does’nt disappear so you hae the story all wrong

          • Apple white is so mean to raven queen when she didn’t want to sign that ugly book. Well this is what I think about that. Grow up and deal with it Apple White ?

    • Daring and lizzie would be far better then daring and apple I don’t like apple she seems to only care about getting her happily ever after not once asking raven how she felt

  2. Poor Apple I feel bad for her but I also want Daring and Lizzie as a couple maybe NO ONE will find out about them unlike Huntlynn!!

  3. Adoro la pareja que forman Daring y Lizzie. No me agrada apple por que solo piensa en si misma y solo se preocupa por tener su final feliz en vez de preocuparse por lo que siente Raven. Apoyo a DIZZIE!!!

  4. I feel really bad for Apple everyone is leaving her story now she is the only one left in her story!! but Lizzie and Daring are a cute couple but I am sick of everyone Rebeling they might as well change the name to Rebel After High. Hopefully Lizzie will say that she likes Daring but doesn’t want her friend Apple to get upset again then maybe he will understand.

    • I fell bad for Apple white cause her story is ruined and it’s sad but Lizzie and daring are meant for each over

  5. I ship lizzie and daring because apple is always going around saying she and daring would live happily ever after. And she is always the leader of the rebels and royals

    • LIZZIE and daring are ment to be and I do feel a little bad for Apple but she dosnt care about anyone else so I don’t care about her

  6. I feel bad for Apple everyone hates her. and people keep leaving her story now it might never happen. But I did see the Throne-Coming trailer, and Raven wanted to sign the storybook of legends. Also I saw this webisode and Lizzie and Daring make a cute cupole.

  7. I feel bad for apple but I already know what’s going to happen in the future episodes because my friends moms friend works for ever after high and in one of the future episodes daring and apple are totally going to fall in in love and in throne coming there was spoiler that apple and daring won king and queen and in throne coming daring is going to kiss apple because she ate the poison apple every thing I’m telling you is real so just watch the throne coming trailer and at the end daring and apple are going to date wich makes it daringwhtie I’m so excited and remember I get all this info from an EAH producer
    Bye and peace

  8. Daring white, cool that your moms friend works with EAH so cool. also thanks I know its a spoiler I just thought Apple and Daring would never be a couple.

  9. cotten candy fur

    I agree with caitlyn and cerise hood I personaly dont like apple she needs to think about raven also lizzie and daring are adorible

    • I totally support this! Personally I love Apple and really don’t like Raven ( that’s my calm objective opinion) But this Webisode is really cute if you watch it

  10. Hi! I’m Raven mt fav! My real name is Lily and I love ever after high! I think Apple would be mad if she saw Lizzie kiss Daring on the cheek!

  11. No that is not right I am so mad it is supposed to be Apple and daring so it will make sense Lizzie and daring should not be a item it makes no sense it is rong rong rong

  12. Daring is a four timer!!!
    1. Apple.
    2. Lizzie.
    3. Cerise.
    & 4. Duchess!!

    (in Kitty’s diary I read it online Daring go’s to the movies with Duchess and he is the one that asked)

  13. I Can’t belive Lizzie KISSED daring!!! OMG I hope Ever After High doesnt show anything else that they do toghther…. GROSS

  14. cupidmaddieceriselover

    Well she wants her true hearts desire I think sooner or later either daring or one of his “suspected girlfriends” might turn into a Rebel like Duchess or Lizzie. 😉 daring is like a secret keeper.He should watch his back before Headmaster Grimm finds about any of this stuff.

  15. They will be fine! Every body is acting like the story is going to end and for all u haters apple all the way.

  16. Rosabella_Beauty

    Lizzie and Daring make such a good couple and they should live there Happily Ever After together. Apple and Daring are not a good match. Apple is always to selfish about her destiny and she never thinks about anyone else but herself.

    I vote that Lizzie and Daring should be together!!!!!!

  17. An adorable couple but in throne coming it’s Cerise and naturally it’s Apple I’m so confused!!

  18. Why is this in secret? Wait, it’s because if Apple White finds out she’ll be her normal selfish self and get all mad isn’t it? Ugh, once she said to Raven that her birthday is so “enchanting ” and started bragging about the celebration ! But, Apple isn’t all bad. Her and Cerise are the best they should be BFFAs but anyway this is beyond the point. Plus, they’re SO different .

  19. I totally think lizzie and daring make an adorable couple but I feel bad for apple.
    And plus,daring didn’t even like lizzie at first
    Daring is taken

  20. I cant believe lizzie and daring went on a date because I thought daring was dating apple white but just because there stories say they date in there happily ever afters doesn’t mean they have to date but royals want to follow there destinies but daring obviously doesn’t because he likes lizzie and apple white likes daring but daring doesn’t like apple white but I do feel bad for apple white but daring and lizzie do make a good couple they are cute together

  21. I think that this is awesome but apple she wants raven to sighn because she does not want enything to happen to enyones story even ravens not just hers she even says that in the show and i think that daring should be with apple its destiny but i think now that raven didnt sighn destiny is changing ( raven is still my fav) so raven should sighn.

  22. Lizzie Hearts is very funny. I love it in that one episode on a ever after high app when Dexter Charming is walking over to Raven Queen and Lizzie Hearts comes over and says off with their buds and cuts off the buds on the flowers.

  23. obsessivedizzieshipper

    i ship them so hard…they were just meant for each other…i hope they remain a couple forever. There are Lizzie & Daring moments in the books, spring unsprung and on Lizzie’s mirror blog made by mattel she said ‘Daring is actually pretty charming’. So i think they like each other. DIZZIE FOREVER!!! 😀

  24. hay nuner of them were so cute as a coulpe or frinds so this is the stupined show ever seen in my hole life and i’m 18 so suthis show and all there fan or pepple how wachte this show!!

  25. Omg I better go tell blonde to report on the crazy daring and Lizzy dateing Apple is going to be verry upset with you guys dateing

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