Lizzie Hearts Doll – First Wave


Here we have the basic line doll for Lizzie Hearts!


Her hair has a big curl on top, in the middle of her crown. It has red strips in the front and the back is mostly black and her hair is pretty long. She wears an awesome crown which is really ornate with red hearts and gold designs.

Focusing on her face, she has a make-up heart over one eye and red lips. She has blue eyes and two white little hearts on it, which is very cute.

On her neck, she has a cool ruffled collar. She wears a short black and maroon dress with heart patterns, with really metallic shiny gold accents. It has frills on both sides in gold and red with different layers and sparkly at the top. Her stockings are black with red maroon hearts with a gold outline.

Her shoes are bright red with a card at the heel and gold cards at the front.


Her earrings are gold hearts on both sides and she has a little heart purse with a long gold handle.


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