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This hearts lover girl is Lizzie Hearts of Ever After High, the daughter of the Queen of Hearts from Alice’s Adventures in the Wonderland.

Although Lizzie is prone to condemn people to decapitation, she describes herself as a “sweetheart” being and she wishes to be a kinder Queen, unlike her mother. She accept and aproves her destiny, unlike Raven Queen, that doesn’t like her villain heritage.

Lizzie’s pet is a hedgehog called Shuffle.

Lizzie Hearts Card

Lizzie Heart’s Mirror

Side: Royal

Lizzie’s Roommate: Duchess Swan

Parent’s Story: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Her Secret Heart’s Desire: She is proud of her heritage, though she does wish to be a kinder Queen of Hearts. All that shouting hurts her throat.

Her “Magic” Touch: With a flick of the wirst, she build anything you can imagine out of cards.

Her Storybook Romance Status: She’ll wait until she gets back to Wonderland to think about that.

Her “Oh Courses!” Moment: People take her way too literally. When she yells, “OFF WITH YOUR HEAD”, that’s just her Wonderalnd way of saying “Please” and “Thank you”.

Her Favourite Subject: Grimmnastics. She royally heart croquet. They’ve even made she captain of the theam!

Her Least Favourite Subject: General Villainy. She wonders why does everyone think she is a villan. She considers her destiny is to be a riddle!

Her Best Friends Forever After: Lizzie says that Kitty Cheshire and Madeline hatter are the only ones who understand her. Literally.

Lizzie Hearts Video Frame

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    • No, she’s a royal because she wants to follow her destiny (being the next queen of hearts) and thinks that this is the right thing to do, being a royal has nothing to do with having a parent that is part of the royalty.

  1. She is so pretty I love the way she acts and the way she dress up I love her make up and I watched all of the ever after high movies and series OMG.

  2. Ella Marie Nicol

    Question: Maybe you can make all dolls or maybe for information you can do all characters.:)

  3. I don’t get how she’s royal she should be a rebel because the queen of hearts is mean if Raven Queen is a rebel then so should Lizzie Hearts and I think that because they are both daughters of a queen

    • Lizzie is a royal because she is willing to accept her destiny as the queen of hearts. Just to clear things up about that.

  4. wow Lizzie Hearts tiene una hermana y se llama sparrow hearts son identicas nacieron el mismo dia son gemelas y su madre es la reina de corazones

  5. Lizzie’s an amazing character I’ve seen in the book and the cartoon, even know that 2015 is the best year of her and Duchess

  6. I think she is a rebel because her mum is sooo evil. I like her style and she is my fourth favourite character.(First is madeline, second is dexter and third is raven.)

  7. Lizzie is one of my favorite characters. She has this cute pet hedgehog name Shuffle! (In the book ” The Next Top Villian” they mention him)

  8. Phoenix Hearts

    I don’t see why others don’t think she’s awesome! I found out so much about her… I would tell you but I don’t want to waste your time. If you want to, just comment. I am so glad there are more people who understand Lizzie!
    Charm you later.

  9. Luv Lizziehearts1999999333333

    I love Lizzie she is so awesome !!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. WWWOOOAAAHHH!!! Flooding of comments? Oh Hey ! Maddie Here ! Yeah as you readed, im the second bestfriend of hers . Yah!! I think she’s a bit little you know. I’m not riddlish this time cuz, I’ve emoted a lot. If u think amma kinda like funny or wiggly bubble but i just go though my mouse and so we’ll having a Tea Party Dash !! Wanna join? It’s kinda like of FUN !!! okay as what i’ve said I like Lizzie , I understand her emotions I’ve to Wonderland too. I think she had found her TF (true love) . I just think she’s falling inlove with Daring Charming?

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