Legacy Day Raven Queen Doll


How beautiful she looks, Raven Queen on her Legacy Day outfit, the day she will decide to continue or not her pledge with her legacy of her mother’s tale: the Evil Queen.

Her hairstyle for the Legacy Day is a low side-ponitail with usual black and purple color. Because her favorite color is purple, she wears also a purple tight top with a silver texture ending with something like purple tulle skirt with more than one layers that make a beautiful effect. Underneath it she cover her legs with purple leggins. Look at her boots with silver tacks and black patent leather. A long black cape covers her shoulders.

At the top of her head has a crown of a headress, a big and importan jewel, that drops a purple gemstone on the front of her forehead. Also, she has a nice accessory arround her neek, it’s a high purple collar with silver clasp.

Here you can see the beautiful Raven Queen legacy day box like it was a book.

Legacy Day Raven Queen Doll BoxEver After High Dolls in legacy day come with doll stand, a key-brush and a little book, jewells and purse accessory.

Ever After High Legacy Day Doll


Look at the detailed purse and the beautiful boots with uncovered fingers.

lLegacy Day Raven Queen Doll Outfit

Does Raven Queen want to follow her evil destiny or she wants to have her own happily ever after? Just look at her when she says:

” I was just wondering…I mean..What if I don’t want to take the pledge?

Raven queen sequential images from videos

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