Legacy Day: A Tale of Two Tales – Full Length Episode


Ever After High youtube channel has updated Legacy Day video in the full length so now you can enjoy all the Legacy Day story in one episode. For those you have already seen it you may want to enjoy it again!

And for those who still have to watch it don’t wait one more minute and press play! Legacy Day is one of the most exciting days in the school where everyone is preparing for a big celebration and that is crucial for their future. Are going all the students decide to follow their parents footsteps?

Watch video: Legacy Day – A Tale of Two Tales (Full Length Episode)

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  1. I am glad Raven wants to write her own destiny. I am concerned what will happen to the Royals at Ever After High.
    I wonder what Will happen to Apple’s destiny I now she want’s to follow it. Will Apple’s destiny go poof or will it stay. I hope Raven confesses to sign the story book of lengens for Apple White it will be good for Apple.

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