Last Doll News in Mattel Catalog


You will soon have available more Royal and Rebel dolls which have been included in the mattel catalog this year.

  • Two basic line dolls: Dexter Charming and Lizzie Hearts.
  • Holly & Poppy O’Hair
  • Briar Beauty Playset
new dolls mattel has presented in its catalog.
Doll News in Mattel Catalog

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  1. Brianna Hamilton

    I want dexter charming and i really really want repunzels daughters i love tangeld (screams)

  2. I would like a doll for Duchess Swan & Daring Charming. When will they be released? How can we get clothes?

  3. Can’t wait for Lizzie. also Janie I agree with you they should make those dolls and clothes it would be cool cause the only Madeline I have is the Getting Fairest and I can only put her pj’s on her!!!

  4. I really want the Lizzie doll and a Duchess doll!!! Also why do people say she is selfsih she is not she just wants a Happily ever after!!

  5. Out of wave one I need Madeline and Cupid (but I’m not going to get Cupid cause I don’t really like her), and Lizzie when she comes out! Also I really like the Hat-Tastic party Madeline.

  6. Janie they are going to make a Duchess Swan doll so yay can’t wait, and they are going to make Daring Charming doll too also a Hopper doll. I have Holly and Poppy and Dexter really want Lizzie and Hat-Tastic Madeline.

  7. I have Dexter, and the O’Hair sister’s. and I want Lizzie and Daring, did you know that Daring and Dexter have a sister?

  8. I can’t wait for the daughter of the Snow Queen to have a doll and a webisode she is sooooooooooooo pretty!!!

  9. Kitty Hearts6644

    I hope they make a kitty Cheshire and duchess swan doll! I can’t wait to get a Lizzie hearts doll

  10. They have trade-marks for Belle’s daughter, Rosebelle Beauty, and Isabelle Beauty. can’t wait.

  11. I need there to be a daring charming. I love his character so much ,he is the reason I got in love with ever after high. He is one of the biggest roles in the books so please make him soooon!!!

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