Kitty Cheshire Character


Kitty Cheshire is the Daughter of Cheshire cat and her parent’s story is from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

She is in the Rebel side because she wants to unravel the rules. The main reason she would like to follow her destiny is because she wants to make her mother proud of her and reach to be like her one day.

About her personality, Kitty has a penchant for mischief, like her mother. You will see her most of the time smilling, even if she’s annoyed. She also has a thing that Maddelin Hatter has too, she has the ability to hear the Narrators, however, she usually ignore them.

Did you know that she is a genius knitting? She loves yarn as much as pulling pranks. But she isn’t always mad, she is very loyal with her friends.

Kitty has a beautiful purple hair, pulled into curly twintails. She wars an hairband with a little hat in a cat shape. Here eyes are blue and have cat-like pupils, as well as fair skin. Her basic outfit is black and lavander with chevron tights.

Kitty’s best friend is Lizzie Hearts. She considers her as close as a sister. She also gets along with Madeline Hatter who’s her roomate as well as bunny Blanc and Alistar Wonderland.

Kitty’s pet is a caterpillar named Carrolloo.


Kitty Cheshire’s Bio

Her Secret Heart’s Desire:  To unravel rules, just like she would a ball of yarn.

Her “Magic” Touch: She says that, obviously, she can turn invisible and POOF from a place to place without being seen.

Her Storybook Romance Status:  She forgets boys with puppy dog eyes. She wants a guy who’s the cat’s meow.

Her “Oh curse!” Moment: Her curiosity gets her in a lot of trouble.

Her Favourite Subject: Geofairy. She says that after she memorizes the lay of the land, she can appear anywhere she wants.

Her Least Favourite Subject: Swim Class in Grimmnastics. She says taht just thinking about getting soaked makes her fur stand on end.

Her Best Friends Forever After:  Lizzie Hearts. She feels she is her sister form another litter.


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  1. Kitty Cheshire is my favourite cousin! I wonder what they don’t have a colouring page of her here? ???

  2. Ok she is like my fave eah girl besides darling charming they rule if you can see it in the name #lol

  3. Kitty Chesire

    Kitty Chesire is prank mischief funny and awesome so there should be a most rebellious vote on here. But Raven could win.?go?


    Kitty Chesire you rock I LOOOOVVVEEEE! your pranks on Raven and Apple remember the time when yous got stuck in wonderland:P
    Can you tell me the secret to how you are able to disappear?
    I’m out.
    PS:Love you KITTY! I wish I was you;)

  5. Well she is cheeky like me and she disappears a lot but she likes cats and I am not a big fan of
    kitty cats. Well I like mine though.

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