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She is the twin sister of Poppy O’Hair, and they both are daughters of Rapunzel. Her birthday is on June 19, her star sign is gemini and her favorite food is Salmon with a side of greens, for healthier, shiner hair!

Holly is expected to be the next Rapunzen because she is slightly older than Poppy, although this has started to be doubted as in the O’Hair Split Ends webisode was revealed an important secret about that fact.

She seems happy to help people when they use her hair for tower escapes as her mother did. She enjoys reading and she wishes to write a book, she says that an active imagination is every princess’s friend.

Holly has a long strawberry blonde hair with a floral purple braid.

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Holly O’Hair Bio

Her secret’s heart’s desire: After she lives out her sotry as the next Rapunzel, she wants to write a new book of fairytales, starring all her new friends!

Her “Magic” touch: Even when cut, her hair can be made into the strongest rope or silkiest fabric.

Her storybook romance status: She’s got a secret crush on Daring Charming. But she doesn’t want you to tell anyone (especially Apple White)

“Oh courses!” Moment: She’s been inside the twoer for so long, she’s royally afraid of heights. Plus doors always seem to lock behind her, and she thinks she can never get out!

Her favourite subject: Damsel-In-Distressing. When she’s in the tower, she loves updating her Mirror Blog.

Her least favourite subject: Grimmnastics. Specifically swim class. She says that it takes hours to truck all her hair inside a swim cap!

Her best friends forever after: Poppy O’Hair and Blondie Lockes.

Quote: The night before I left for Ever After High, I looed at the stars outside the tower window and wished that both Popp and I could have a Once Upon a Time.

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  1. Holly is awesome I have her doll and redid everything about her i gave her cerise’s leggings robbeca steams ballad leotard disclosures tutu and Abby bomidals sandal then I did her hair it took me 15 minutes to brush it lol! But she looked as pretty as a princess:)

  2. For a holly berry is like a cupcake that means that my braid is down the flow of a raging river

    … did I say that in riddlish? Oops

  3. i luv this character she is my fan in ever after high well im reading a ever after high book and it coast alot of money and i finally have it and i love all the characters in ever after high :3

  4. DUMEEMEE257925

    I never read ever after high but the website is awesome so I hope the book will be lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i love holly o hair and [poppy o hair i like the story of their mom ilove the story of rapunzel holly is like rapunzel is so sweet two of you are so swwet i love holly and poppy o hair so pretty i love you two bye so long hair holly i like that hair but bye i love ever after high

    • I Loooooooooooooooove holly because she has what it takes to be brave. just like her mother! ?

  6. I think she’s just like her mum except slightly different coloured hair. She’s so nice and has long hair like me and so so Royal like!

  7. I don’t think that she likes Daring I just wanna say that……………………………that………………OOOPPPPSSSSKKKLLLAAAPPPOOOLLLKKKAAA!!!!!!!!!!! Amma little hard to try something riddlish like a tounge twister just wanna try watching tv with popcorn and coke.

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