Holly and Poppy O’Hair


This is a two pack of the twin sisters daughters of Rapunzel.

Holly O’Hair Doll

Starting with Holly she has orange copper hair and just like her mom she has a super long hair. She has got a purple crown with flower details

At the face she has pink around her eyes and pinky lips for her make-up, with this crazy blue eyes, that just pop.

She is wearing gold brush earrings and she has gold necklace with flowers on it, to match.

Her little jacket has black and gold braids on the sides with puffy pink sleeves. She has a loose top with a belt that braid around her waist. She has a flowery purple, pink and golden design skirt that goes longer at the back. And under her skirt you can find a layer of crinoline.
She is not the only doll that wears two finger rings and a pink rubbery bag. She has got really cute bracelets.

The last is her beautiful shoes with white flowers in the front and embellished gold details like the castle tower at the heel.

Poppy O’Hair Doll

Looking at Poppy she is wearing a pink headband with some detailing. Her hair is dyed purple in a half and it is cut short. The other half is coppery, just like her sister.

She has purple make-up around her eyes and purple lips with those amazing blue eyes.

She has an awesome earring and a double finger ring with scissors shape, as well as beautiful matching bangles.

Poppy wears a plastic scarf on with silvery look.

Her purple to pink gradient dress has a white braids pattern with some silver scissors.
Maybe the most special accessory is her bag, with braided straps, and inside are her hairdressing tools that they all fit perfectly inside her bag.

She is wearing a really cute pants with special sides.

Her pink boots got black laces and the heels got scissors on them.

Holly and Poppy o hair Basic doll outfit
Holly and Poppy O'Hair Basic Doll Together
Holly and Poppy O'Hair basic doll box
Poppy O'Hair basic doll shoes
Holly O'Hair basic doll shoes

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