Here Comes Cupid


C.A. Cupid has already arrived at Ever After High to help students in their doubts about life and love.

This is so good because there are some students that really need help about that. Today you will see how Cupid tries to help Hopper to find his Happily Ever After.

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  1. cupid’s new look is really cute and so fabulous. I love it. may i ask if is there a doll of c.a. cupid in the version of ever after high not monster high?

  2. What! I thought that monster high and ever after high were two different things? Well that answer my question.

  3. ever after high is for sons and daugters of famous fairytale chareters and monster high is for monsters what is c.a cupid doing here she is a monster

    • Cupid is the daughter of Eros. So she can be a very very nice Greek myth monster or she can be the next Eros. Monster high and ever after high are two different things just twisted together to make way for Cupid. Just for the purpose of Cupid transferring to ever after high. Remember Eros want’s another Eros or he wants Cupid to be like him. Same thing,

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