Hat-Tastic Party a new Ever After High doll line


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Just a few months after the NY Toy Fair presentation of the EAH doll news, we are suprised to know that another doll line is comming out!

We are talking about Hat-Tastic Party doll line! An amazing new collection with awesome outfits full of details and colors where the girls are ready to have a tea party with Madeline Hatter’s Playset.

What do you think about this new doll line? And her hats??

Briar Beauty, Apple White and Cerise Hood Hat Tastic party outfit

Briar Beauty and Apple White Hat Tastic Party doll news

Cerise Hood, Apple White and Briar Beauty Hat-Tastic Party doll line news

Maeline Hatter and Cedar Wood Hat Tastic Party dool news

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  1. umm… id appreciate to know why 2 of the least main characters replace 2 of the most main characters cerise and cedar replace ashlynn and raven

    • they make only a few at a time and they all are pretty main characters there in like every episode

  2. When will we be able to buy party favors (party bags, napkins, plates, cups etc.)? Please respond! Thank you

  3. Manzana Blanco

    I saw the clip when Maddie does her tea party, and then I saw Lizzie Hearts, and Kitty Cheshire. Where are they in this picture?!

  4. These dolls are so Fableous!! I really want Cedar, and Madeline, and Apple, and Cerise. I also have Briar!!

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