Ginger Breadhouse Coloring Page


Ginger Breadhouse is sooo sweet! All her outfit is made from sweet things like the cupcake hat or the honey poison purse.

Pink is the color of her hair but she also likes yellow and black.

Don’t forget to make sweet sparkle desings on her dress and a beautiful lines on the tights.

Use the colors you want and use your sweetest imagination! Have fun and start coloring Ginger Breadhouse from Hansel and Gretel’s story!

We would like to see your colored desings, feel free to send them to us, we may publish yours!

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  1. Can you make Kitty Cheshire coloring page too?
    Please, your coloring pages are so wonderlandiful!

  2. I love all of your books and all the other things you made like this book I will give you the title it is called Diary of an Evil Queen

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