Getting Fairest Madeline Hatter Doll


Madeline Hatter’s nightwear doll is here! Madeline is happily wearing her jammie to have a sweet night and a bright wake up.

Her nightdress is white with teapots pattern. The dressing grown is blue with soft tulle endings. She does not forget her teapot hat even when she sleeps.

Her hairstyle with double color and curly hair is amazing!

She comes with a vanity to keep safe her beautiful accessories.

Getting Fairest Madeline Hatters Doll with accessories



Here you can see the two different kinds of hair accessories that comes with Madeline Hatter doll.Madeline Hatter's two hats in getting fairest collection

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  1. I have this Madeline and she is my only Madeline doll and I can’t put her in any other clothes cause there not Mad like her!!!! I hope they make clothes and accessories.

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