Getting Fairest Doll Collection


Some days ago Mattel released the second Ever After High dolls line, this one based on sleepwear and self care assortment. Raven Queen, Apple Withe, Madeline Hatter and Briar Beauty are wearing their fabulous pyjamas to live an spellbinding night and a bright wake up.

All the dolls come with a charmingly detailed vanity that displays new accessory otpions. And Apple White and Raven Queen have their own playsed related to this collection: Apple’s bed and Raven’s vanity.

Take a look at each one of this dolls:

Getting Fairest Playsets:

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  1. I really want them to make a Getting Fairest wave two with Ashlynn, Cerise, Cedar, Blondie, maybe Kitty, Holly and Poppy, and not Cupid. Are there any more?

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