Getting Fairest Briar Beauty Doll


Here you have Briar Beauty ready for a sweet night and a bright wake up. Wearing her beautiful pink sleepwear that belongs to Ever After High getting fairest collection.

Pink, pink and pink. Is her favourite color and you can check it in the image below. Both the nightdress and the dressign grown are pink!!! As she is the daughter of the sleeping beauty her clothes always have something about roses. In this case the nightdress has an stem with thorns pattern all around it. The dressign grown has a beautiful fabric along the endings.

Briar Beauty comes with a vanity to keep safe her sunglasses.

What to say about slippers…they are high-heeled of course!!

Getting Fairest Briar Beauty Doll with accessoriesYou can see how does Briar look with her different kinds of sunglasses.

Briar Beauty's three sunglasses in getting fairest collection

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