Ever After High Webisode Shedule 2


Here you have the 5 Ever AFter High next webisodes listed by releasing date. The best of it is that you can already see the firts webisode: Duchess Swan’s Lake.

And there is also another good new: Thronecomming story will appear for the firts time in the 22 episode!!

  • Episode 18 – Duchess Swan’s Lake
  • Episode 19 – Cerise’s Picnic Panic
  • Episode 20 – itty’s Curious Tale
  • Episode 21 – Cupid comes Clean… Kinda
  • Episode 22 – And the Thronecoming Queen is…

Webisode Shedule 18 time table

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  1. I’ve seen Duchess Swan’s lake and Cerise’s picnic panic on this website get Kitty’s curious tale, Cupid comes clean…kinda and And the thronecoming queen is… Webisodes on here

  2. thronecoming is coming out november 25 tuesday 2014. trying not to be a hater but read its like u are blind i hope raven win but apple is going to win

  3. Argande Sofenda

    I wonder why Madeline Hatter is not entering and that when Raven asks for Maddie’s help to find the book, she looks like she is frowning at first. I’m voting for either Cupid or Raven by the way. I AM A TOTAL REBEL!!! P.S. Maddie is my favorite Ever After High character.

  4. It on Nick Nov 2nd can’t wait. I really want Blondie to win but I doubt it cause everyone is voting for Raven and Cupid. Poor Royals:(

  5. Raven_Laraib_Cedar

    I want Raven to be Thronecoming Queen. And when Apple called Raven selfish, I think Apple is the one being selfish because she is only thinking about her own happily ever after and not Raven’s.

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