Ever After High 2014 Calendar


A new year is coming and you will probably need a calendar to put up your bedroom wall to keep track of life’s important events like your friend’s birthday.

If you are looking for an Ever After High printable calendar you are in the right place. We want to share with you this calendar that we made for us because we couldn’t find one, if it is useful for you, great!

Each month has a representative picture of the most spellbinding students and you will find noted students’ birthday.

Ever After High printable calendar pages
Ever After High Calendar 2014

Click the following month to download each page of the calendar.

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  1. Please, make the months available for printing before they start. We use the calendar for planning, and we should have them in advance! Regards!

    • EverAfterHigh

      Hi! Thanks for your comments. We are sorry you couldn’t have them before. But don’t worry we are going to post the missing months in the following weeks, then you can have the calendar at once!

      Thank you!

  2. if you like apple white so much this is who plays her it is candice accola and if you like raven queen so much this is who plays her elizebeth gillies and if you like bria beuty so much this is who plays her victoria justice and if you like madiline hatter so much this is who plays her olivia cooke and if you like ashlynn ella so much this is who plays her bella thorne and hunter hunstman -tyler blackburn and blondie locks – britt robinson and cedar wood-zendaya coleman and last but not least dexter charming-andrew garfield. bye !!!

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