EAH Getting Fairest two new playsets


This new self care line of Ever After High comes out with Apple White and Raven Queen Getting Fairest Playsets. Look at them in their boxes, they are amazing!

playsets packaging
Apple White fainting couch & Raven Queen destiny vanity

Apple White Fainting Couch

A Royal needs a perfect couch like this. Perfect for relax and chat with her friends with the laptop. It is very complete, even it has a place to keep Apple’s glasses. How comfortable it looks! Her pillow is an apple shapped!

Apple White Fainting Couch writting with her laptop
Details of the Apple White Fainting Couch play set

Raven Queen Destiny Vanity Playset

Woow!! That is really a Rebel dressing table! Raven has lots of perfumes, beauty accessories and an old mike too! She is reflected amazing on to her mirror with this crown!

Raven queen doll with her crwon of destiny vanity playset
Details of raven queen destiny vanity playset

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  1. I love both of these,but I like the Raven Queen stand more then the Apple White one. After all she is my favorite!

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