Duchess Swan Doll


This is te Duchess Swan Basic Doll, the daughter of Odette, the Swan Queen.

Her fabulous headress is really big and extravangant which really suits her character. On her forehead are hanging some black pearls and a black feather  and on the other side there is a mixture of feathers , flowers and little jewels.

Her hair is really cool becuase it has tree colors mixted into it mainly the black part and then the blond strips has little ones in purple.

All her make up is really gorgeous, her eyebrows are really defined, her eyeshadow is pink, she has eyeliner and a big brown eyes and a cute cherry lips.

Here you can see her face with all her hair accessories, make up, and jewelry.


For her accessory she is wearing silver earings like a feather with a little jewel on top. She also has a silver bracelet but her necklace is black and really detailed. She also wears a silver ring.

Here you can see the full outfit and accessories for this beautiful doll, including the silver key-shaped hairbrush. She also comes with her story bookmark.


Maybe the most spectacular part of her outfit is her black corset with lots of details tight by laces. Underneaththe corset she has a purple top with white patterns on it and with a beautiful decoration on the shoulder made with sparkling frilly tulle.

Her skirt is also very gorgeous, it is made with three layers, with tulle and fishnet materials and a beautiful pattern of feathers with white and black stars.


She cover her legs with refined black fishnet tights. As you can see, to finish off her perfect ballerina look she is wearing this high heel Ballerina slippers with purple ribbons and straps.

This is Duchess’s little purse, with a different tone of purple with funny little frills. The handle and the clasp are in silver with a little swan in the middle.


Even though this is the basic doll for Duchess Swan, Mattel is useing the new style boxes, so all the basic dolls won’t match with the same box.


The following text is some you will find at the back of Duchess Swan’s Box:

Even though she’s a fairytale princess with a Prince Charming, Duchess’s destiny is to change into a swan forever after! But this ambitious ballerina has two sides to her. One moment she’s enchantinly graceful , a “withe swan”; the next, her fiercely competitive “black swan” side comes out. If Duchess has her way, she’ll have the most popular fairytale at Ever After High.

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