Dexter Charming Doll


This doll is Dexter Charming, the son of King Charming and the little brother of Daring Charming and his complete name is Dexterous Charming. This doll belongs to the basic dolls line.

He has short brown hair with a quiff style with a gold modest crown on it. His intense blue eyes are framed for her black and trendy glasses. The color of her eyes matches with her elegant jacket with gold details and also with her striped scarf. Al this elegant stuff is combined with an urban brown shirt and grey jeans which gives the perfect casual look.

The basic outfit for Dexter Charming is completed with a dark patent-leather backpack and a pair of black trendy trainers. So cool!

Dexter Charming doll comes with doll stand, brush and diary.

What do you think about Dexter Charming? Do you like him?

Dexter Charming with accessories
Dexter Charming Basic Doll Line
Dexter Charming Book Packaging

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  1. It’s my personal mission to get every single guy in ever after high! The attention to details in the male dolls is super rad! I wonder when I will be able to get my own dexter 🙂

  2. I’m still deciding if I want him I might get him, don’t know??? but if they make a Daring I’m going to get him!! oh and a Duchess I will get her (if they make one)

  3. When I got Dexter charming he didn’t come like that …….. He didn’t come with a brush …… His hair was flat…… And he came with a different pose! But I like how I got him!!

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